Russian downhill skier, world-class Master of Sports
of Russia, a member of the Russian Olympic team in
freestyle ski cross discipline at the Olympic Games in Sochi.
In 2012, for the first time in the history of the Russian ski
cross Maria won a silver medal at the World Cup series in Switzerland.

During her training at the Olympic
Games in Sochi Maria got a serious injury
- a displaced spinal fracture.

Maria had a surgery in Krasnaya Polyana, then she was sent
to Munich for rehabilitation. Doctors made an inauspicious
diagnosis - crossed paralysis: Maria doesn’t feel her body below the navel,
and she will never be able to walk and move independently, she has
to use a wheelchair permanently.

She was told it was for life, but
Maria is not going to give up.

All my life I have been fighting in sport and for a place
in the sun. I shall not retreat; I believe everyone has a chance.
The most important is not to be a victim! And never stop
searching for ways and solutions. I'm not ready to put up
with this situation. As far as I have the strength,
I will struggle and work every day to get better
and stronger, until I walk again. My personal choice
and my only goal is to recover.

We are asking you to help
us pay for the treatment.

We are seeking for your support. Your contribution will
help Maria to restore normal life.

Neither Maria, nor her family possess the sufficient
amount of money. Theair savings will only be enough for the near future.


If you are able to help us, please make a transfer
using the following account details

Spanish bank account:

IBAN ES60 2100 2676 1707 1011 6033

* For questions regarding donations, please contact us on

Special gratitude to:
  • The Government of the Russian Federation and the Freestyle Federation of Russia for their support in the beginning, for saving my life, and for accomplishment of the first stage of rehabilitation
  • The Ostrova charitable foundation for their help in fundraising
  • The Business Molodost (Business Youth) company for their help in organizing the fundraising activity
  • The Megafon company for providing unlimited voice communication for Maria

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